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Fruitty Hearts Love (960g)


  • If you enjoy Sweetzone Fruity Hearts, you’ll appreciate the fact that this tub contains 600 of them. Perfect for a sweet snack when you’re hungry and need a pick-me-up, but they also make fantastic sharers because there are 600 of them. If you’re buying them for a business, a party, a wedding, or any other occasion, they’re ideal 1p sweets, and because they’re in a container, they’re simple to store. All Sweetzone sweets have a great taste, and these enormous Fruity Hearts strawberries are no exception. Sweetzone’s first sweet was created in 2003, and it has since earned honours for being the most trustworthy confectionery company, so you can be sure that these Sweetzone Fruity Hearts are manufactured with the best ingredients and expertise available.
  • 1p  Fruity Hearts are tasty treat that come in range of colours and flavours, as well as foam backing. 
  • This is wonderful treat to give to someone you care about.