Welcome to Sweets of Ireland. Here you will find an amazing range of confectionary in tubs to condiments for any party occasion. Many tubs are unique on our website where you will find something to your taste. Our best selling lines are the tubs of flying saucers and milk teeth.


We are based in Dublin and have been selling sweets to the public for over twenty five years from our shop. Our Range of sweet tubs for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and party occasions have proved extremely popular.

We have noticed the same throughout the year and our sweet tubs are one of the family favorites.
We have now upgraded to an online platform. Offering the largest range of sweet tubs available in Ireland including many lines exclusive to sweetsofireland.com including milk teeth, flying saucers and smile faces.

Our easy to browse website has sections devoted to vegetarian, retro. Most popular and halal allowing you to enjoy according to your taste and preference.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent delivery partner who can deliver from our warehouse to your home in 2-3 working days. So whether you live in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Belfast or elsewhere within the Island of Ireland. We are here to ensure that your party occasion is an event to remember.