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Tayto Thai Rings 24 x 45g


In most houses, a touch of eastern flavour is always welcome. These flavours, though, appear to be a little closer to home. A package of 24 Thai rings will infuse your home with a delicious flavour. Thai rings, a fantastic late-night snack, are likely to become a household favourite once they arrive on your doorstep. Although the oriental spice flavour differs from that of traditional Irish snacks, they are produced with the same care and attention to detail.
It’s ideal for sharing. Tayto Thai Rings are perfect for individuals who like to experiment with seasonings and spices. Many people’s favourite, you’ll be able to get your hands on some delicious Thai rings for your next party.Thai rings are vegetarian-friendly and created with fresh ingredients. Thai rings may contain allergies; carefully read the label before eating.

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